Rehearsals / Catch-up

Hi all,

A good rehearsal on Monday evening, and in particular one or two pieces went very well indeed.

It seems that Ray’s integrated with the group very quickly, and we’re getting a good sound balance in general.

Please keep an eye out for a new version of ‘Cool Saints‘ – there aren’t many changes, but I’ve altered the start a bit to give us a more confident opening. and I’ve arranged my part for Alto rather than Sop.  I’ll play it through, then put it on the website during the week.

From now on through to the Peel Pensioners concert in late March, we need to focus on ironing out the sections of tunes which were giving us issues, so please take the time to practice on your own, any phrases or short sections you feel could be improved.  So as not to overload us, I’ll try to focus on no more than one or two of the tricky tunes each week, with some fun / easier stuff to balance each session.  We’ve got one more new tune to come, but it’s not a difficult one !

This coming week, we’ll look at Cool Saints so please make sure you’re confident with the cascade sections, and we’ll also see if we can make further headway on ‘Ja-Da’.   We’ll run through “Comedy for Saxophones” and “Jamaica Farewell”, and I hope to have a final (or near !) version of “Come Go with Me” for us all to work on.

Lastly – just in case you haven’t got my numbers to hand, I’ve listed them below.   @Susie – As it turns out, my mobile number was useless on Monday as my phone died at the weekend.  I’m having it fixed so it should only be a short-term problem 🙂  My home phone is 842874 and my mobile is 07867 830835.

Cheers Jem


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