Music for Ramsey Methodist Church – a small amendment

Hi all,

The wish for no last-minute surprises didn’t last long as Susie had the lurgey tonight 🙂

As a result, we did some minor adjustments and I’d like to take out “Moondance” (which we need to rehearse with all of us playing), and instead insert “Come and Go with Me” into the playlist.

@Susie – there’s one other tune that may possibly need some amendment before the night – Three Manx Dances.

Dances 2 & 3 are fine, but Dance 1 relies on your Alto Sax 1 part carrying the tune between sections.  With you out of the mix, we couldn’t confidently practice this.

I can amend my Sop part to feature the linking sections just in case, as a backup to the A1 part.

And – Can everyone please meet up at the Methodist Church prior to 7pm, so that we can not only tune up, but give Manx Dance 1 a run-through to check that we can play it confidently.

Thanks all – See you Saturday, Jem



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