Playlist and logistic arrangements for Ramsey Methodist concert – Sat. 14th March

Hi all,

First things first – the concert starts at 7:30pm, so can you please all be at the venue (and ready to tune up) at 7:00pm latest please.

Dress code – Gents usual black lowers, White upper – waistcoats optional.    Susie, please wear something amazing that doesn’t clash and doesn’t upstage us old fellas too much 🙂

Playlist – I planned to dovetail our music with that of the Lonan choir, but didn’t hear back from their leader over the weekend.

Therefore, the list below is in alphabetical order.  Unless you hear otherwise, let’s go ahead with that.  We can be flexible on the night, and with only a short delay, we can find the piece we need and start promptly.     – Please don’t use this as an excuse though to take your sheet music in any old order, as fumbling around for music in a concert looks really unprepared / unprofessional.

I’m going to be working in Paris from Tuesday onwards, and will get back late Friday evening – and if there’s a slip, early Saturday morning !

With this in mind, I’d appreciate it if there were no last-minute surprises – our music is about right in terms of preparation, so turn up in good time and lets enjoy the show !

Regards to all, Jem

Playlist for Ramsey Methodist Concert – 14th March
Comedy for saxophones
Jamaica Farewell
Just another lazy day
Mock Joplin
Night Train
Shmooky and Mo
Song of the Three Steamers
Standing Room Only
Three Manx Dances



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