Ramsey Concert Cancelled !!!

Hi all,

Rather at the last moment (and just after I’d managed to get together by email with Colin of the Lonan Choirto agree a joint playlist), I heard through Colin that the Ramsey Church have cancelled Saturday evening’s concert due to a lack of ticket sales.

I’m not feeling very charitable right now, and so put this down to a direct lack of effort and support on behalf of the Methodist Church team.  Even when I’m feeling more charitable, I might express it more politely but my conclusion will remain the same.  It’s the easy-come easy-go attitude of organisers who have little invested in the event.

I guess there’s a learning point or two here about doing stuff for free … and making sure that the other side are as committed as we are.

So – sorry to all if you were looking forward to the concert.  The good news is that we had a spare gig or two up our sleeve, so we’ll still get out to play the tunes we’ve been rehearsing.

A quick reminder that next Monday (16th) will be MSE-Free as I’m in France, but we’ll get together the following Monday (23rd ) for a pretty full rehearsal prior to both the Peel Pensioners on Weds the 25th and Sulby the following Saturday 28th !

Take care all, practice loads and I’ll see you soon.

Regards from sunny Paris !



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