Peel Pensioners Wednesday 25th March, Philip Christian Centre Peel – Arrive 7pm please

Hi all,

Please see below as the final playlist based on last night’s rehearsal (which went strangely well for a pre-concert run-though !).

Dress Code is … Gents – Black lowers, White uppers, Waistcoats optional (not all have them).  Lady – something that ties in – black, navy etc. – leave up it to you 🙂

Please this time really make an effort to turn up on time at latest 7pm, as we have to tune up and briefly run Manx National Anthem before the audience sits down.

Would also be great to do a sound-level check on Night Train and Standing Room.

Can you please make sure you have your music ready and in-order – ta.

I’ll bring banners for the stands, and we’re good to go.

Lastly, I’ll make sure the sheet music you need is on the website tonight.

Cheers, Jem



Playlist for Peel Pensioners – 25th March (Final)

Comedy for saxophones
Come and Go with Me
Jamaica Farewell
Just another lazy day
Mock Joplin
Poem – My Sax. obsession
Night Train
Shmooky and Mo
Song of the Three Steamers
Standing Room Only


Manx National Anthem ( the respectful version with no impro 🙂 )



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