Peel Pensioners Concert wash-up, and Next Dates

Hi all,

Peel Pensioners

Last night’s concert at Peel Pensioners went down very well with our friends at the Philip Christian Centre, and the informal feedback I heard was all really positive.   It seems that the two tracks with a backing worked really well as a bit of variety, so we’ll look at doing a couple more next term and maybe finding a decent pianist for a trial concert.  The poem seemed to also go down ok, and I’ll put a copy on the website soon.

From my perspective, I was hugely pleased with the band’s performance, and in this regard we performed with a level of musical sensitivity that improved greatly on  recent rehearsals.  Maybe it was the sense of occasion, but as a band we appeared to notch up our concentration and presentation quite a big step.  As always there were a few minor bloopers (and I contributed one or two just to make you feel better 🙂 ), but the odd slip in a live performance is inevitable and I’m never fussed about these provided the show doesn’t come to a grinding halt !  The high points for me were our rhythmic togetherness, and in particular our variation in dynamics – the contrast between the quiet bits, swelling to at times ‘in your face’ was excellent.  I also saw a little ‘dancing’ going on in the livelier numbers which helped us stay together, and of course conveys enjoyment and involvement to the audience.

Finally, whilst I don’t normally pick out individual contributions to a concert, I think it has to be recognised that Ray has come from a standing start to learn our playlist and more in a fairly short term – so thanks Ray and well done.


Taking an Easter Break / Next Term

It seems that there was broad support for our taking a couple of weeks off, and this is entirely supported from my side !

Enjoy your Easter break, and we’ll look to return to the front line on Monday April 13th.  Don’t forget to bring your subs – £20 to Matt when you come back.

Looking forward, our timing gives us a maximum of 12 weeks before our next planned concert in Port Erin on 2nd July.  Of course we have TT in the middle, so that may interfere somewhat but we normally manage at least one of the two weeks.

This gives us some breathing space to try some new material and learning techniques, but I don’t want to overload us.  In overview, we’ll move forward with the best of our current playlist and add a limited selection of new pieces / pick up on work-in-progress tunes.  We’ll discuss the details when we meet up.


As for me, I’m off to lie down for a couple of weeks !

Cheers, Jem


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