Summer Term 2015 – Starts Monday !

Hi all,

Here’s a quick welcome back to the MSE, and in rather sunnier weather than last time we were together !

We’ll kick off the new term on Monday (13th) – we’ll starting playing at 7pm, but we’ll run for 2 hours from when the last player is ready, so plan to finish @9pm or thereabouts.

Being the first date of the new term and new year, we’ll kick off with a mixture of some tunes which were work-in-progress last term, and a couple of new entrants, to give us a fairly easy start.

Can you please make sure you have sheet music (all parts for your instrument) for ….

– Cool Saints, Ja-Da (Jing-Jing), Moondance, Hornpipe Fun, Lone Arranger.  I’ll provide parts for 2 new tunes.

We’ll also make some time to talk through some planning and logistics stuff, and I’ll introduce you to a new piece of clever tech !

Important Note :  Our website / hosting deal is shortly due to expire soon, and it’s expensive to renew, so I’ve carried out a sideways move.

The old website ( will be operational until mid-May, then will cease to work.

The new website ( is up and running now.  It looks very much like the old one, and will operate in the same way.

However, the ID and password for the members area has changed.  I’ll send details of this by email, and any new material will be added to the new site.

Lastly, Susie has sent through a snippet of us playing Moondance at Peel Pensioners.  Good to see and hear things from the audience perspective, and some stuff to use in discussion.

Moondance at Peel

See you Monday.

Cheers Jem




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