MSE Rehearsal – Mon 20th April

Hi all,

Monday’s rehearsal will have a much greater concentration on playing than last week 🙂

I’m sticking to the plan of taking on a limited set of new pieces, and picking up on some of our ‘wip’ materials.

On Monday, we’ll therefore feature Pink Panther again and a new tune (Blue Panther) – plus have a run through Moondance, Lone Arranger, Ja-Da.

I’ll provide a full draft list of tunes we’ll work on this term, and we can start working on individual aspects from Monday onwards.  I’ll also post via the blog, our ‘game-plan’ for the next couple of terms.

See you Monday, Regs Jem


One Comment on “MSE Rehearsal – Mon 20th April”

  1. James Family says:

    Hi Jem, I forgot to take note of the password for the new web site last week. could you run it by me again please David

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