MSE – Rehearsal Monday 18th May, Parts Allocations

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that we don’t have a rehearsal this coming week as I’m off to the adjacent isle for a medical once-over.

When we get back, I’d like to run in detail, Ja-Da and the first of the Three Mance Dances.  Please can you make a special effort to run through these (with the aid of the supplied midi files ideally) to make sure you can play your part confidently.

From the 18th, we need to have our next concert in our sights, so I’d ask you to fill in the grid below with the part you normally play for each of the tunes listed.  It’ll help me balance out the band and also plan our on-going sessions.

The easiest way to do this should be for you to copy the table into Word or similar, fill in the details, then email it to me at

Lastly, May 25th is a Bank Holiday, so let’s plan to meet on the Tuesday again – which is the 26th.  Please let me know asap if you can’t make the new date. ta.

See you on the 18th – cheers, Jem


MSE Tune Principle Part Played
Comedy for saxophones
Jamaica Farewell
Mock Joplin
Night Train
Shmooky and Mo
Standing Room Only
Three Manx Dances
Pink Panther
Blue Panther
Cool Saints
Ja-Da (Jing-Jing)
Doin’ the Voom Voom

One Comment on “MSE – Rehearsal Monday 18th May, Parts Allocations”

  1. James Family says:

    Hi Jem, sorry for being slack at replying. The Tuesday is fine that week. the only issue with the Tenor parts is with Night Train. We had an issue with the first part at the last concert as that hadn’t been done with the repeat in the revised edition. we pencilled in where the repeat would be, but I am struggling to get it to fit. Can we have a look at it at the next rehearsal please. the notes aren’t an issue, just being clear where to come in. Thanks, David

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