Final Playlist (hopefully) for Port Erin

Hi all,

Please find attached, the playlist for the Port Erin concert (this Thursday evening).

The only tune that still has some question marks over it is ‘Don’t Cry Alone’.  The issues there though are eminently resolvable in that we simply need to make sure that the lead portions (B, C, D) are secure in terms of rhythm, tempo and presence (Jas, Susie and Ray).

Please make sure that for our final rehearsal on Wednesday, you are able to fit in the triplet bars properly (or play the notes as crotchets to get around the issue), and that when leading you don’t let the tempo wander.  We’ll give this a quick run through to make sure we’re all confident.

I’ll send out another note tomorrow regarding the tunes to rehearse on Weds evening, but please in the meanwhile put your music in order according to the list below.

Cheers, Jem


Playlist for St. Catherine’s Port Erin
Comedy for saxophones 2
Mock Joplin 3.75
Jamaica Farewell 2
Moondance 4
Blue Panther 2
Relax! 3
Shmooky and Mo 2
Ballade David to play to backing track 4.33
Standing Room Only Backing Track 3
Night Train Backing Track 3
Pink Panther 3
Cool Saints 2.25
Don’t Cry Alone 4
Call it a Day Jem to play to backing track – as encore / if time allows 2
Total  Play Time —- 40.33

Rehearsals leading up to concert on Thursday 2nd July

Hi all,

Just as a confirmation, we have three rehearsals left to get ourselves concert-fit !

Monday 22nd June

Monday 29th June

Wednesday 1st July (no Matt)

We’re sticking with the playlist as set out prior to our last rehearsal.  I think ‘Cool Saints’ is ok, but we’ll play it through just to make sure.  I think that ‘Don’t Cry Alone’ is heading in the right direction, but we need our volume balancing and tempos to be secure, so we’ll also play this lots.  You can help out by making sure you know where to lead and where you’re accompanying, practicing playing your accompaniment parts quietly, and also playing alongside the midi file to make sure you have a good feel for the tempo changes.

For the other tunes, here’s my evaluation …..

Comedy for saxophones Ok – Can run with minimal practice
Jamaica Farewell Ok – Can run with minimal practice
Mock Joplin Ok – Can run with minimal practice
Moondance Need to run through to ensure we can play confidently
Night Train Secure
Relax! Need to run to check, but pretty confident
Shmooky and Mo Need to run to check, but pretty confident
Sleep Need to run through to ensure we can play confidently
Standing Room Only Secure
Pink Panther Need to run through to ensure we can play confidently
Blue Panther Ok – Can run with minimal practice

With this in mind, let’s start off Monday’s rehearsal with Moondance, Pink Panther and Sleep.  … plus Don’t Cry Alone and Cool Saints.

@David – can you please bring along your alto for ‘Sleep’ – ta.

Cheers all, Jem


Revised Playlist for Port Erin Concert

Hi all,

Taking a realistic / pragmatic look at our playlist for our upcoming concert on July 2nd, I’ve decided to drop “Ja-Da” and “Doin’ the Voom-Voom” from the list.

My reasoning is that we’re some way from being able to play them confidently to performance standard, and I have doubts that we’d be able to pull them up to the required standard in the remaining time.  **

** – Note : So far, only Jas has indicated any days that he has available for us to fit in an extra rehearsal session.

We’ll therefore keep these on the list to be addressed next term.

So … when we get together on Monday evening (7pm start, in the rear conservatory at Whitestrand), we’ll focus on …

Pink Panther
Blue Panther
Cool Saints
Don’t cry Alone

I need to know that these are secure, and that we can play them at a decent standard at the concert.  This leaves us with a minimum 2 possibly 3 rehearsals to revisit our list of old favourites to make sure that we can play them to a good standard too.  If things go well on Monday we can run one or two of the old favourites to get a step ahead.

Comedy for saxophones
Jamaica Farewell
Mock Joplin
Night Train
Shmooky and Mo
Standing Room Only

If we run with these tunes (13 in total covering 39 minutes), it should be enough to carry us through the concert.

As stand-by / safety nets, David is looking at a solo piece, Ben and I have a novelty piece that we’re working on, and if needed I can re-run the saxophone poem to space out the time expected.

Regards to all, Jem

Tonight’s rehearsal – venue change

Hi all,

A very quick update on tonight’s logistics for all, including Jackie who has very kindly offered to play with us tonight to keep the ball rolling.

We’re meeting at Whitestrand as usual, but please note that the rehearsal is in the house, not the barn !

The barn has homestay residents, so please don’t pitch up at their door in auto-pilot mode.  Ta.

We’ll also have to be a bit mindful re parking so as not to block access to the garage (left side).  We’ll make use of the grass area in front of our workshop for tonight.

Ben or I will direct you.

Thanks a mill, Jem

Rehearsal tonight (Tues 9th) and leading up to Port Erin Concert Jul 2nd

Hi all,

A subtle change to tonight’s line-up I’m afraid.


Jas won’t be coming to tonight’s session – and I was told only yesterday .  With Ray also away, this somewhat scuppers my aim to check that we can play our listed tunes confidently as almost all require 3 altos.

I had considered cancelling the session, but that will simply generate more problems.  Instead I now find myself putting my planned activities on hold (I was to take part in the Ramsey sprint today), and instead will spend the day writing amended versions of various tunes to enable us to practice them tonight and hopefully take them confidently on to the next concert.

Needless to say I’m not happy, and we’ll discuss any impacts after our upcoming concerts.  For now though, let’s concentrate on getting ready for our performances.

Tonight’s playlist will be Ja-Da, Doin the Voom Voom (some amendments), Cool Saints (some amendments), Don’t Cry Alone – plus any SATB tunes we have time for.

Note : I’ll bring along amended sheet music as needed, and the vast majority of the changes are to my parts.  The exception is David’s part on Voom-Voom, which he knows about.


Evaluating our current repertoire, we’re short of where we need to be in terms of playing time.

To get us by, we could ….

1 – Bring out a hackneyed old favourite or two

2 – I could play a solo or duet with Ben

3 – One of the senior players could take a solo

We can chat through options tonight.


In any event, we’ll need to replace tonight’s rehearsal from an all-band point of view.

With this in mind, please let me know which evenings / weekend slots you have free from now through to July 2nd, so that we can arrange a further rehearsal slot.


See you soon, Jem


Preparation for next rehearsal – Tuesday 9th June.

Hi all,

The rehearsal coming up is critical in that it’s our last chance to prove our ‘new’ tunes.

If we can’t play them confidently on Tuesday, we’ll have to look at some more simple alternatives / old stock – and I’d really rather not if it can be helped.

The tunes we’ll play through on Tuesday therefore are …

– Blue Panther

– Cool Saints

– Ja-Da

– Don’t Cry alone

– Doin’ the Voom Voom

+ Moondance if time allows

The top 5 all need the same treatment – that is for all of us to put in some off-line time to make sure we can play them confidently, and in particular make sure that there are no areas of the tune that will come undone in performance.

Can I please ask you to really concentrate on the top 5 tunes listed, so we can go into our final few weeks confident of the playlist, and concentrating on polishing our performance.

Cheers Jem


Rehearsal Tonight

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that we’re all set for a rehearsal tonight in the barn.

I’ve put a new tune on the website members area – Don’t Cry Alone.  This is the full version.  I’ll print out parts for tonight, but please give the tune a listen if you get chance before the rehearsal.

We have 5 rehearsal slots including tonight, prior to our concert on July 2nd in Port Erin.

Therefore, we need to make a choice around what to play – I’ll bring the current playlist and we can make selections.  Key to this is making an allowance for the fact that Matt may not be able to attend, in which case we’ll only have one tenor.

Cheers Jem