Preparation for next rehearsal – Tuesday 9th June.

Hi all,

The rehearsal coming up is critical in that it’s our last chance to prove our ‘new’ tunes.

If we can’t play them confidently on Tuesday, we’ll have to look at some more simple alternatives / old stock – and I’d really rather not if it can be helped.

The tunes we’ll play through on Tuesday therefore are …

– Blue Panther

– Cool Saints

– Ja-Da

– Don’t Cry alone

– Doin’ the Voom Voom

+ Moondance if time allows

The top 5 all need the same treatment – that is for all of us to put in some off-line time to make sure we can play them confidently, and in particular make sure that there are no areas of the tune that will come undone in performance.

Can I please ask you to really concentrate on the top 5 tunes listed, so we can go into our final few weeks confident of the playlist, and concentrating on polishing our performance.

Cheers Jem



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