Rehearsal tonight (Tues 9th) and leading up to Port Erin Concert Jul 2nd

Hi all,

A subtle change to tonight’s line-up I’m afraid.


Jas won’t be coming to tonight’s session – and I was told only yesterday .  With Ray also away, this somewhat scuppers my aim to check that we can play our listed tunes confidently as almost all require 3 altos.

I had considered cancelling the session, but that will simply generate more problems.  Instead I now find myself putting my planned activities on hold (I was to take part in the Ramsey sprint today), and instead will spend the day writing amended versions of various tunes to enable us to practice them tonight and hopefully take them confidently on to the next concert.

Needless to say I’m not happy, and we’ll discuss any impacts after our upcoming concerts.  For now though, let’s concentrate on getting ready for our performances.

Tonight’s playlist will be Ja-Da, Doin the Voom Voom (some amendments), Cool Saints (some amendments), Don’t Cry Alone – plus any SATB tunes we have time for.

Note : I’ll bring along amended sheet music as needed, and the vast majority of the changes are to my parts.  The exception is David’s part on Voom-Voom, which he knows about.


Evaluating our current repertoire, we’re short of where we need to be in terms of playing time.

To get us by, we could ….

1 – Bring out a hackneyed old favourite or two

2 – I could play a solo or duet with Ben

3 – One of the senior players could take a solo

We can chat through options tonight.


In any event, we’ll need to replace tonight’s rehearsal from an all-band point of view.

With this in mind, please let me know which evenings / weekend slots you have free from now through to July 2nd, so that we can arrange a further rehearsal slot.


See you soon, Jem



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