Revised Playlist for Port Erin Concert

Hi all,

Taking a realistic / pragmatic look at our playlist for our upcoming concert on July 2nd, I’ve decided to drop “Ja-Da” and “Doin’ the Voom-Voom” from the list.

My reasoning is that we’re some way from being able to play them confidently to performance standard, and I have doubts that we’d be able to pull them up to the required standard in the remaining time.  **

** – Note : So far, only Jas has indicated any days that he has available for us to fit in an extra rehearsal session.

We’ll therefore keep these on the list to be addressed next term.

So … when we get together on Monday evening (7pm start, in the rear conservatory at Whitestrand), we’ll focus on …

Pink Panther
Blue Panther
Cool Saints
Don’t cry Alone

I need to know that these are secure, and that we can play them at a decent standard at the concert.  This leaves us with a minimum 2 possibly 3 rehearsals to revisit our list of old favourites to make sure that we can play them to a good standard too.  If things go well on Monday we can run one or two of the old favourites to get a step ahead.

Comedy for saxophones
Jamaica Farewell
Mock Joplin
Night Train
Shmooky and Mo
Standing Room Only

If we run with these tunes (13 in total covering 39 minutes), it should be enough to carry us through the concert.

As stand-by / safety nets, David is looking at a solo piece, Ben and I have a novelty piece that we’re working on, and if needed I can re-run the saxophone poem to space out the time expected.

Regards to all, Jem


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