Final Playlist (hopefully) for Port Erin

Hi all,

Please find attached, the playlist for the Port Erin concert (this Thursday evening).

The only tune that still has some question marks over it is ‘Don’t Cry Alone’.  The issues there though are eminently resolvable in that we simply need to make sure that the lead portions (B, C, D) are secure in terms of rhythm, tempo and presence (Jas, Susie and Ray).

Please make sure that for our final rehearsal on Wednesday, you are able to fit in the triplet bars properly (or play the notes as crotchets to get around the issue), and that when leading you don’t let the tempo wander.  We’ll give this a quick run through to make sure we’re all confident.

I’ll send out another note tomorrow regarding the tunes to rehearse on Weds evening, but please in the meanwhile put your music in order according to the list below.

Cheers, Jem


Playlist for St. Catherine’s Port Erin
Comedy for saxophones 2
Mock Joplin 3.75
Jamaica Farewell 2
Moondance 4
Blue Panther 2
Relax! 3
Shmooky and Mo 2
Ballade David to play to backing track 4.33
Standing Room Only Backing Track 3
Night Train Backing Track 3
Pink Panther 3
Cool Saints 2.25
Don’t Cry Alone 4
Call it a Day Jem to play to backing track – as encore / if time allows 2
Total  Play Time —- 40.33

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