Port Erin Concert / Next Rehearsal

Hi all,

Well done for tonight’s concert in Port Erin.  The folks seemed to like us, and have already asked us if we could come back in March !

Highlights were Moondance, the two tunes played to the boom-box backing (Standing room only / Night Train), Cool Saints, and of course David’s ‘Ballade’.

The last of these shows just what’s possible with some real time, effort and focus put into a piece.  David owned it from start to end, and dialled in lots of musical expression and variety.  I really enjoyed listening to it, and judging from the applause so did the audience !

On the downside, Pink Panther ran way too fast (and no-one looked up, so I was powerless to slow the band down), and Don’t Cry Alone needs more work.

Can I please ask Susie, Jas and Ray to spend some time on ‘Don’t Cry’, just to build your confidence – in particular counting in intros and holding the tune at a good dynamic level.

Oh, and we received a donation of £60 from the church, so better than a poke with a blunt stick 🙂

Lastly, we’ll meet again at Whitestrand at the usual time (7pm start) on Monday the 20th July.  This is a shake-down ready for our concert a couple of days later, so please make sure you keep the tunes fresh by practicing them off-line.  We’ll run the same repertoire, with only ‘Don’t Cry’ needing a sanity check on the 20th.

Our last rehearsal for the summer will be on Monday 27th July.

cheers Jem



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