Townswomen’s Guild concert / Final Rehearsal

Hi all,

Well done on a great concert last night.  It was definitely a feel-good evening, and I heard lots of really nice comments from the audience who appeared to have enjoyed the music immensely.  I think it was actually a bit of a shock to some as they apparently have single guest-speakers usually, plus craft demonstrations etc.  There are a few new faces at the helm recently, and I think they introduced us as a new and more lively type of entertainment.

Also, I was asked for our contact details by a lady who raises money for the Blind Welfare association on the island, as she wanted to look at organising a do.  I gave her our details so no doubt we’ll hear from her soon.

We’re meeting on Monday @ Whitestrand (rear conservatory), for a final and informal rehearsal session before the summer break.  I want to try out a couple of new ideas, and we can agree on which of the ‘pending’ tunes we want to take forward to the next term in addition to any Christmas fayre.  Seems strange to be talking about Christmas in July, but there you go ….

Susie’s bringing a cake – and we’ll grab some nibbles and some soft drinks (’cause everyone’s driving), so we can see of the term in grand style.

Finally, I had intended to cover various arrangements for next term on Monday, but some topics cropped up last night.   For various reasons, I have to put a fair bit of flexibility into the band’s arrangements over the next term or two, and in particular avoid setting up events that I / we may not be able to deliver to.  Hope that doesn’t sound too vague, and I’ll give more details on Monday.  The upshot however, is that I haven’t progressed arrangements so far with Alistair (that can be postponed), and we don’t have any fixed concert dates in the coming term.  There are lots of options, and finding a concert date when we’re ready is no big deal, so let’s have the chat before we break for the summer.

Cheers Jem


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