Start of term

Hi all.  Just a quick reminder that term starts this Monday 5th October – usual start time of 7pm At Whitestrand.  Can you please let me know if you can’t make the first week back.

For our first session I’ve reworked Home on the Range to make it a bit easier to play and hope to have a new offering ready.  Otherwise we’ll pick up on some of our existing tunes and those we started to learn but didn’t get performance ready.

Unfortunately my work haven’t given up fighting overr my current issues so we’ll need to be flexible in the first few weeks – indeed I may have to make a visit to London on w-c 19th October.

We’ll get things going with group work then return to everyone’s solo efforts as soon as things settle down.

We can decide on Xmas busking dates on the 5th.

See you soon, Jem