A quick catch up

Hi all,

Sorry that we had to cancel the Christmas busking date today.  Let’s hope the weather smiles on us for Sunday the 20th, when we’re due to meet for 11am in Douglas.

Looking a little further ahead, I would like to dedicate the new term (starting Monday January 4th – down beat at the new time of 7:15pm) to putting together a slightly challenging and above all high-quality repertoire based on the tunes we’ve started on over the past term, plus possibly one or two others if the arrangements look good when they’re fully cooked.

Our initial goal will be the Peel Pensioners gig on Weds March 23rd.  We’ll have 12 weeks rehearsals to put our playlist together which would normally be a generous allowance …. but I’m looking for higher quality / accuracy standards this time around as we will have had two terms to put everything in order.  This means that everyone will need to make sure that they do their part behind the scenes.

Once past the 23rd, we can look for further performance venues whilst consolidating our repertoire a bit – to help us reach parts of the island where we’re not well known.

So – please take the opportunity to have a rest over Christmas, as we’ll start with renewed vigour on 4th Jan !

I’ll publish the default playlist before the term starts, so we can all get organised with sheet music etc.

Cheers, Jem