The Long, Long, Long and really Winding Road

Hi all,

Thanks for all pitching in to today’s session.  I learned a lot about how we learn music individually and as a group, and I think that knowledge will pay dividends over time.

For the Long and Winding, I have as promised updated the MIDI and MP3 files (these are now labelled version 4a) and have re-published them on the website.  If you don’t see them at first try, refresh your browser cache then give it another go – they are there !

Can I please ask that if anyone is at all uncertain about the timings of this piece, that they put in some concentrated effort to learn it thoroughly, as we need to run it next week then move swiftly on to other stuff.

I’ll review our playlist in light of the fact that we may have some patchy attendance in the next few weeks, and will post the rehearsal set for Monday, before the weekend.  In the meanwhile, please keep all the tunes in the current repertoire refreshed in your practice schedule.

Thanks, Jem


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