Hi all,

A good practice tonight methinks.  Some of the material is coming together nicely in readiness for the 23rd.

For next week, can you please make sure you have the following tunes as confident as possible …

  • Don’t Cry Alone / Ellan Vannin
  • The Long and Winding Road
  • Ja-Da Jing Jing

If time allows, we’ll also run through “Voom Voom”, and Dave and Matt can have their first outing with “Lazy Bones” duet for tenor !

Lastly, as I’ll be arriving direct off the boat (and allowing for any parking issues), can you please turn up for 7:30pm.  … and we’ll kick off as quickly as possible thereafter.

Have a good week – see you Monday !

Cheers Jem


Rehearsal tunes for 22 Feb

Hi all,

A very slight tweak to the tunes list for this coming Monday evening.  I forgot to make allowances for the fact that Matt is off island, and we had one tune that wouldn’t work without him.  Only one tune has changed from my initial view.

Therefore this week’s tunes are …..


Lone Arranger

The Long and Winding Road

Waltzing Matilda

If time allows, let’s also have a run through the Three Manx Dances.

Given that we’ve played all of these tunes many times now, we need to run through them in performance conditions to make sure they’re secure.  Please make sure that for these tunes you are ….

1 – Able to play the notes confidently and in the right place, including any repeats etc.

2 – Able to identify where you are leading / supporting, so that you can follow the written dynamics accurately.

3 – Able to free your concentration from the printed music so that you look at me / the other band members to gain the benefit of our body language, and that you are able to listen to the others in the band to be able to balance your sound.


The following week, we’ll run “Voom Voom” plus “Don’t Cry Alone” to give us a bedrock of 10 tunes. … plus revisit any of the tunes which may need a confidence boost 🙂

Lastly, Susie’s ‘phone is now found, so she can re-join the human race !


Cheers Jem


Susie’s phone

Hi all.

Just a quick note to let you know that Susie Susie couldn’t locate her mobile after today’s rehearsal.

Ben and I checked the barn but still couldn’t find it.

Can you please check your gear to make sure you didn’t pick it up with your things.

If you find it please let me kbow on jem.cotton@wm.im

Ta, Jem

Hi all,

Hope you enjoyed your recent ‘Monday off’ 🙂

We now need to focus on our concert for Peel Pensioners which is only 6 practices away !

I’m more than a little concerned that we’re not really up to speed on many tunes, so the next two weeks will be dedicated to establishing a bedrock of material that we know will run OK on the night.

In each case, I plan to check that we can play through the tune starting together, without stopping, and not getting confused by repeats etc.  We can sort out any stylistic stuff later.

Please therefore take the time to make sure that you’re absolutely confident in playing through these pieces reliably, including any tempo changes, repeats and so on.  We’ll stay on the case on each night until we’ve got these tunes to a good standard, so decent preparation will give us an easier time and let us get away before midnight !

The tunes below represent just 24 mins playing time – we need to be at ~40 mins.  We have a few tunes part-baked (Waltzing Matilda, Don’t Cry alone, Simon Smith) which will help to close the gap, but we’ll still be reliant upon some fillers (I’ll do a short piano slot to mark the purchase of the new PP Piano, and David and Matt have offered to help out with a duet etc.).

We can look forward to some intensive work on the run up to March 23rd.

Please let me know asap if you anticipate any problems with attending Monday nights on the run-up.  We don’t have any spare, so if we’re short handed we’ll have to make alternative arrangements.

Cheers Jem


For this coming Monday (15th Feb) our tunes will be … 

Cool Saints

Java Jive

Putting on the Ritz

Three Manx Dances


For the following Monday (22nd Feb) we’ll run with …

Doin’ the Voom Voom


Lone Arranger

The Long and Winding Road

No Rehearsal this Monday – 8th Jan

Hi all,

A quick reminder that as a few of us can’t make the 8th, there will be no rehearsal then.

Please keep and eye out for emails etc. early the coming week though, as I hope to have “Simon Smith” ready.

We’re running really short on rehearsal slots for March 23rd now, so I’ll also issue a play list for our next rehearsal.

Please make sure that you’re really familiar with the playlist tunes, so we can bank them and move on to the one’s we’re not so hot on.

Cheers Jem