Rehearsal tunes for 22 Feb

Hi all,

A very slight tweak to the tunes list for this coming Monday evening.  I forgot to make allowances for the fact that Matt is off island, and we had one tune that wouldn’t work without him.  Only one tune has changed from my initial view.

Therefore this week’s tunes are …..


Lone Arranger

The Long and Winding Road

Waltzing Matilda

If time allows, let’s also have a run through the Three Manx Dances.

Given that we’ve played all of these tunes many times now, we need to run through them in performance conditions to make sure they’re secure.  Please make sure that for these tunes you are ….

1 – Able to play the notes confidently and in the right place, including any repeats etc.

2 – Able to identify where you are leading / supporting, so that you can follow the written dynamics accurately.

3 – Able to free your concentration from the printed music so that you look at me / the other band members to gain the benefit of our body language, and that you are able to listen to the others in the band to be able to balance your sound.


The following week, we’ll run “Voom Voom” plus “Don’t Cry Alone” to give us a bedrock of 10 tunes. … plus revisit any of the tunes which may need a confidence boost 🙂

Lastly, Susie’s ‘phone is now found, so she can re-join the human race !


Cheers Jem



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