More news from across

Hi all,

Things over in Lincolnshire have settled down a wee bit, with Pauline’s dad being released from hospital after a rather narrow scare.

We’re looking to return to the island on Weds or Thurs, but unfortunately we won’t be back for this coming Monday (14th), so we’ll have to skip another rehearsal.

The two missed rehearsals meant that I had to ask the folks at Peel Pensioners to find someone else to cover our slot on the 23rd, and they have kindly done so.

When I get back (I should be safely back in time for Monday the 21st), we can take a team view as to what’s required to get our repertoire up to scratch, and we luckily have an open-dated invite to play at the Westlands centre in Peel when we’re ready – so we won’t have wasted our efforts in learning our current set of tunes.

Once again, apologies to all for the interruption in service – we’ll get back on track as soon as possible and make sure we have a concert date or two before David leaves us !

Cheers Jem

p.s. – the new motorhome is nicely comfortable – a bloody good job really as we’ve been living in it since the start of the month !


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