Prep for Next Term

Hi all,

This post is as much for my own purposes as yours – it’s a handy place to take a note of my planned tune-palette for next year.

After today, we’re off for the summer break.  I’ll organise a return to the fold for the Altos in mid-September, with Matt and Ben joining us early October.  The general plan is to get the Alto parts as up to speed as we can, with Ben and Matt catching up as soon as they’re back from their hols / exams / wedding ….

Anyhoo, the tunes I’ll want to run with for the 2017 year (up to July) are listed below.  This hives us 15 pieces, some new, some part-baked to be completed, some carried over from last term and some golden oldies.  It should give us a really impressive-sounding set for concerts.

In September, we’ll pick a sub-set to work with to get us all back in the playing habit and try out some new ways of learning / piecing things together.  I’ll post details of which ones nearer the time.

Once we get into mid late October, we’ll move to Christmas fayre – the usual carols, plus a mix of jazzy Xmas pieces, with some challenging ones in the offing !

See you in September, as they say in the song …. (but by whom ?)

Ch Jem


Tunes Palette


Fool on the Hill

Home on the Range

Waltzing Matilda

Putting on the Ritz

Cool Saints

Lone Arranger

Hornpipe Fun

Don’t Cry Alone

I Feel Good


Duke’s Suite

Nowhere Man

Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear

Tango Turismo



Tonight @ Whitestrand

Hi all,

Hope you all enjoyed your TT !

We’re in the front conservatory tonight, as our visitors are still in residence.

Can you please bring along your music for “Home on the Range” and “Hornpipe Fun“, and I’ll provide a couple of extra tunes for us to try out.

If we get decent weather, we can pop down into Peel and take a team pic (or even on the front lawn if the travel’s a problem).  It would be nice to get a team pic sorted.

Cheers Jem