New Website Downloads

Hi all,

Has anyone tried the new sheet-music download process (tunes I’ve uploaded to the ‘Current Repertoire’ page on the website ?

I’ve just uploaded ‘Fool on the Hill’, and will upload more tunes next week – however, I want to make sure the process works before I upload all the materials, as I could be wasting my time if the process doesn’t work.

If you haven’t already done so, please download some sheet-music from the website (remember to refresh your browser if you don’t see a totally new layout !), and let me know how you get on.

When we return on the 10th October, we’ll start with “A whole new world“, and “Duke’s Street“.

I should warn you that we’ll be adopting a new approach to learning new tunes, and that is to ascertain that each of us individually (as well as working as a group), has the notes, timings etc. right, and that the tune is on a good footing across the band …. before we move to group rehearsal.

You therefore need to make sure that you know these two tunes well, before the 10th 🙂

Cheers Jem

Start of Term – Website Updates

Hi all,

Please read this blog carefully, and fully – ta !

The group has expressed an appetite for taking on more concert opportunities.  I’m fully supportive, but only if we are able to improve our ability to assimilate new tunes in a timely manner, and make our group rehearsals more time-effective …. and that as we all know relies on us all as individuals putting in the hours to bed in the basics, attaining a good working knowledge of each piece.

The ‘Alto crew’ met on Monday (26th Sept.) to run through a couple of tunes – “Duke’s Suite”, which is now available in full length format (we only played the first half last term), and “Whole New World” which we last performed about 3 years ago.

We won’t be holding a rehearsal session on Monday 3rd October as I’m off island for David’s wedding, so our first session back as a full team will be on Monday 10th.

I’ve uploaded the music materials for the two tunes above, onto the MSE website’s ‘current repertoire’ page.  There’s no password to access the page – the password is instead attached to the music materials which are packaged in a self-extracting file.  As part of the download process, you will need to enter the password, which I’ll send to you all by email.

Full instructions are provided on the ‘current repertoire’ page.  Please download the sheet-music / audio file packages and install them onto your PCs, letting me know if you encounter any issues.  ta.

Alto Players :  You now have a little under two weeks to work on just these two tunes, so I’m expecting you to carry out a pretty thorough job of getting the notes, timings and repeats right …. so that we can move swiftly on to rehearsing as a group (balancing the sound, adding performance style etc., and not just spending time on learning the basics).

Let’s use this as an opportunity to see how much we can achieve in a couple of weeks, and set the bar for the rest of the year !

Lastly, Susie rightly highlighted that our website photos are very out-of-date.  Ray has agreed to ask the folks at the Philip Christian centre is we can use the stage area to take some photos, and then we can arrange a photo-op.  I’ll also arrange to take some photos as we’re rehearsing next time around at Whitestrand, for a bit of variety.

It’s good to be back.  Let’s use our energy after the summer break, to lift our game into 2017.  Cheers, Jem



MSE Rehearsals – Starting this Monday – 26th September

Hi all,

Just to confirm that we will kick off our first rehearsal this coming Monday 26th Sept. for Alto players (as Ben and Matt are currently away), in the front conservatory at Whitestrand.

I’ll bring the music as I’m working on some stuff over the weekend.

See you there !

Cheers Jem

Summer’s Over – Bring on the winter storms !

Hi all,

Hope you all had a good summer break !

I’m working on a dual repertoire currently – partly of standard tunes, mainly for next term but also to kick us off this term   … with the other stuff being Christmas fayre.

For the first couple of weeks back (hopefully Monday’s 18th and 25th September), we won’t have Matt or Ben with us, so we’ll concentrate on some sectional work in the Alto section.

There won’t be a rehearsal on 2nd October (I’m away for David’s wedding), but then we’ll all return on the 9th – Ben flush from all his travels, Matt as a newly-reformed man 🙂

Susie, Jas, Ray – Can you please pop me an email ( to let me know that you can be around for the first two Mondays (18th and 25th).  I’ll pop a note out shortly to make sure we have a tunes list ready.

Cheers, Jem