Summer’s Over – Bring on the winter storms !

Hi all,

Hope you all had a good summer break !

I’m working on a dual repertoire currently – partly of standard tunes, mainly for next term but also to kick us off this term   … with the other stuff being Christmas fayre.

For the first couple of weeks back (hopefully Monday’s 18th and 25th September), we won’t have Matt or Ben with us, so we’ll concentrate on some sectional work in the Alto section.

There won’t be a rehearsal on 2nd October (I’m away for David’s wedding), but then we’ll all return on the 9th – Ben flush from all his travels, Matt as a newly-reformed man 🙂

Susie, Jas, Ray – Can you please pop me an email ( to let me know that you can be around for the first two Mondays (18th and 25th).  I’ll pop a note out shortly to make sure we have a tunes list ready.

Cheers, Jem


One Comment on “Summer’s Over – Bring on the winter storms !”

  1. Jasneet Singh says:

    Hi Jem,

    Glad to have you and mse emails back- raring to go. I can’t make 18th as my parents are over but ok for 26th.

    See you soon, Jas

    Sent from my iPad


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