No rehearsal tonight – 10th October.

Hi all,

Really sorry to have to send out another email so soon – things seem to be moving pretty fast at the moment.

I just heard from Ray that he won’t be able to play with us until into the New Year.

As you know, I’ve been putting some time into re-arranging our material for a smaller band, and now taking into account Ray’s departure, I’m going to have to re-do much of it – i.e. for an even smaller band :).

You’ll also know that I’m not running on all cylinders at the moment, so I just can’t take on major re-writes of everything as a knee-jerk reaction, at very short notice.

Therefore, on thinking things over, I’ve had to make the following decisions ;

1  Tonight’s rehearsal session is cancelled – there’s no point in meeting to rehearse material that the band can’t then later perform (re-writes are needed).

2  By the time I re-arrange the Christmas stuff, and with Ben being unavailable for much of December, we won’t have time to comfortably put together a concert.  Therefore, whilst we can look at still playing Christmas tunes, it will be for busking only.

3  My concentration will now be on putting together arrangements for non-Christmas tunes, for a smaller band (4-part, plus one ‘spare’ to allow for absences).  This will take a little time, and I’m not going damage my health by trying to do it in a rush, so I’ll come back to the group as soon as I can with progress info.

Again, sorry for the short notice and the various decisions I’ve had to make – I’m merely reacting to the realities that are presented to me.

Speak soon, Regards, Jem

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