New Sheet Music – Rehearsal Monday

Hi all,

Good news, bad news !

The bad is that it takes quite a while to change tunes to ‘Quartet +1′ even when the changes are subtle, hence this stuff being out on the web later than planned.  That and breaking my toe yesterday didn’t help !

The good is that I’ve gone with three tunes that we should already be familiar with, so we can be productive on Monday.  – Duke Suite (no change), Moondance, and I Feel Good (no change yet, so AATB at the mo’, with a fifth part coming soon).

The above are all on the MSE web-site current repertoire page.

Please give each of these a run through to make sure you’re comfortable with the notes, keys, repeats etc. as it’s a “good working knowledge” that we’re aiming for as our baseline.

Susie, can you please concentrate on Alto 2 for Duke Suite, and Alto 3 for Moondance

Jas, please take Alto 3 for Duke Suite, and Alto 2 for Moondance as your target for Monday

… and both run with Alto 2 on I Feel Good for the moment.

All – Monday’s session is mainly aimed at establishing the new process and helping everyone to understand what the baseline is in practical terms.  I’m sure it’ll seem a little wasteful of time in the first session or three, but I’m convinced that it’ll pay massive dividends over time if we follow it through properly.

cheers Jem


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