Practice focus areas

Hi all,

Ok – so, easy bit over and done with – the first rehearsal where we all played individually !

I’ve spent a little time looking at 4 tunes as our initial selection, which we need to bring up to speed so that we can rehearse them effectively.  Two require little or no effort (depending on who confident you are !) – Moondance and Cool Saints.   I Feel Good has some new materials in the Alto 3 and Bari parts, but otherwise the same applies – easy.

This leaves Duke’s Suite – which needs some attention in key areas for most of us – usually where things get a little busier or feature unusual rhythms.

I’ve attached a sheet entitled “Focus Areas” – Please read it carefully and make sure you do your bit to get up to speed.


Are you expected to be perfect for Monday ?  – No, not necessarily *.  I am however looking for real evidence that you’ve taken time out to address the very few selected areas that need a little TLC.  This shouldn’t take more than an hour at max.  I’m looking for you to be able to play these sections confidently and at the correct speed to the MIDI backing.

ALL – This is a crucial time for the band.  Please support me in trying to move us forward – make sure you do your bit, and I’ll do the rest.

Cheers, Jem


* Matt and Ben – I’m hoping you’ll show the way, getting it right first time  🙂

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