New stuff

Hi all,

It’s taken a little while to bash the new tunes into submission, but I’m pleased to announce that they’re now on the website, scores, parts, midi, mp3 …

The ballad (All that you are) is part of the ‘Pick and Mix’ suite – so for this one, I’ve just bundled the midi and mp3 files – and you can print off the sheet music if you need to by visiting the Pick and Mix file which contains only the score and parts.

The others – Klezmer Dance, Saxofrolic and Kayleigh in Killarney – are all packed in the usual way.

Please take some time out to get your fingers around these tunes so that we can move them forward in the next rehearsal.

Remember – there’s no rehearsal session this Monday (14th Nov), so we’ll revisit the new tunes on the 21st.

Finally, I’ll continue to work on getting the rest of our repertoire in shape so that we’ve got a consistent set of tunes to take us through into next year.

Cheers Jem